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Nuclear Data – the Basis of Nuclear Technologies

RussianNuclear Data Center of Exploratory Research DivisionNuclear Data Center of Exploratory Research Division is a part of International Nuclear Reaction Data Centers network under the guidance of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The Center carries out the scientific and technical work of creation and support of experimental, bibliographical, technological and evaluated neutron data, and also exchanging and providing of the data for Russian institutes and organizations.

Main Tasks of the Nuclear Data Center:

  • Compilation of the experimental neutron nuclear data in the international data base EXFOR, nuclear data needs identification, production of evaluated data libraries, testing of integral experiments nuclear constants, development and maintenance of software, data provision for Russian institutes and organizations.
  • Support and improvement of nuclear data library BROND-3.1 containing 372 files for the elements from hydrogen to curium in the energy range from the thermal up to 20 MeV.
  • Edition and publication of the online journal “Voprosy Atomnoy Nauki i Tekhniki”, Seriya Yadernye Konstanty.
  • Data exchange with IAEA and other foreign and Russian centers.

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