Russian Nuclear Data Center (CJD) - is Laboratory within Theoretical Physics Division of Nuclear Physics Department in Leipunsky Institute of Physics and Power Engineering.

Theoretical Physics Division
Head - A.I. Blokhin

Anatoly I. Blokhin

  • Head of Russian Nuclear data Center.
    Evaluation of neutron and photonuclear data, theoretical calculations of neutron cross sections, calculation of material activation for fusion applications, formation of evaluated data files.

  • Russian Nuclear Data Center

    Anatoly V. Ignatyuk
  • Theory of nuclear reactions, development of nuclear models, evaluation of nuclear data, test of evaluated data libraries.

  • Vasily N. Manokhin

  • Evaluation of nuclear data, search for threshold reaction cross section systematics, applications to activation and radiation damage of reactor materials, formation of evaluated data libraries.

  • Konstantin I. Zolotarev

  • Evaluation of nuclear data for reactor dosimetry, unfolding of neutron spectra, calculation of covariance matrices.

  • Nikolay A. Demin

  • Calculation of radiation damage dose in reactor structural materials.

  • Vladimir G. Pronyaev

  • Theory of nuclear reactions, nuclear model calculation and evaluation of neutron data, analysis of nuclear data uncertainties.

  • Marina V. Mikhaylyukova

  • Compilation and the processing of experimental data for worldwide library EXFOR.

  • Ivan Sipachov

  • Calculation of neutron data for activation and radiation damage problems.

  • Natalija N. Buleeva

  • Data processing of evaluated data in ENDF-format formation of full files for evaluated data library.

  • Staff of Theoretical Nuclear Phisics Unit

    Ivan N. Borzov

  • Nuclear density functionals, spin-isospin excitations and nuclear beta decay. Nuclear data for astrophysics.

  • Eugeny V. Gay

  • Physical aspects closed fuel cycle and spent fuel transmutation. Development of rational function approximation method, evaluation of nuclear data and covariance matrices of uncertainties.

  • Sergey P. Kamerdzhiev

  • Development of microscopic nuclear theory in the low energy physics (giant resonances, nuclear pairing), development of many-body theory.

  • Elena V. Litvinova

  • Theoretical description of low-energy nuclear dynamics: development of microscopic approaches based on the consistent Green function method for spectroscopic calculations, quantitative analysis of quasiparticle- phonon coupling in nuclei with opened shells.